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Nexus Chamber Music Chicago is a collective of artists from around the world who are committed to stimulating interest in serious chamber music in unlikely new audiences.  Nexus offers first-class musical events in unconventional venues in and around the city of Chicago, with the aim of deconstructing the traditional barrier between audience and performer.


The city of Chicago, IL sports a richly vibrant arts culture and has long served as a melting pot for artistic presentations of all kinds.  The city is ripe for the addition of a new dynamic component: a high-level summer chamber music series in the heart of the city aimed at fostering a new generation of interest in serious chamber music.  NEXUS will bring world class artists to unique and intimate venues in the city to serve as fresh ambassadors for great music.

These presentations will take place in diverse and unexpected locations both in downtown Chicago and in community based artistic and social hubs in Chicago neighborhoods.  In a departure from the passive nature of traditional concert-going, the concert format will promote artist/audience interactivity.  Many of the NEXUS performances will be live-streamed in high definition, to draw listeners from all over the world into the unique settings and interactive format.  As a core value, NEXUS has undertaken the mission of attracting concertgoers of all ages and income brackets.

NEXUS offerings will include solo, duo, and chamber music recitals, in a range of venues and formats with a variety of ticket prices to create accessibility for listeners who would not ordinarily be exposed to great chamber music.  The contact between audience members and performers is aimed at promoting the artists as role models for young people in the communities they perform in while making a broader, contemporary case for the value of great chamber music as an agent for the building of community.  Over time, the festival will expand its roster of artists and range of events and become a chamber music collective of international recognition and acclaim.

Guarneri Hall NFP

Nexus Chamber Music is being organized in collaboration with Guarneri Hall Not For Profit, a Chicago based organization committed to fostering interest and accessibility to classical music across demographic boundaries through a range of local, national, and international programs. Guarneri Hall Not For Profit operates a state-of-the-art performance, recording, and web-streaming facility located in the heart of the Chicago loop and runs guarnerihall.org, a website offering streamed and archived musical events as well as resources for performers music educators, and music lovers.